Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ladder Rack project

A friend of mine wanted a ladder rack to haul boats on top of his Flip-Pac pickup topper.   The tricky part is that the top of the topper flips forward and becomes a tent.   There is no commercial rack made that is compatible with this topper, so he asked me to make one.   This one has a rear rail that extends past the back of the topper, and the front rail is removable.  

I did not want to break my back maneuvering the rack on and off his truck, so I made up a system that will let a single person move the rack into position.   It is a bit awkward for a single person, but will be very easy for two.  I basically move the rack a little at a time, and then set it on a platform behind the truck.


  1. Do you have any more photos of how it looked after it was put on and how the front rail is held on? Any more details you can share concerning the materials used and how it ended up working for him?

  2. He seems to be pretty happy with it. It is made from 1.25 inch square tubing. The front rail just drops on and is secured by pins. I have been meaning to get a good photo of it installed, with a canoe on the roof, but I may need to wait until spring. It does not look like much without something mounted on it.

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